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Production of your oil

Step 3: Production of your oil:


Production of your oil

Production of your oil.

Manufacturing of your oil: The millers

Maeva, Romain and Bruno produce your oil in personal or common press


What is the output? How much oil am I going to get?

The output in oil is the ratio: quantity of oil obtained divided by the quantity of olives brought in kilos.

However, this ratio is the tool of professionals, the private individuals prefer to talk in kilos of olives necessary for one liter of oil.

The process is simple: for an output of 16% we divide 1 by 16%, in other words the opposite and we obtain 6.25 kg of olives for one liter of oil.

So: the higher the output is and the less number of olives in kilos are required to make one liter of oil. 

The outputs in oil depend of multiple aspects which change depending of the years including 4 essential ones:


The variety of olive (the picholine always has a lower output than the aglandau);

– The harvest date (the outputs go for the picholine for instance from 12% at the end of October to 20% at the end of December);

– The soil: like the vine, the olive tree planted on the hillside or on stoneware will give an higher output and superior aromas compared to those planted in alluvial plains and watered in gardens which do not ‘suffer', producing heavy olives, with a lot of skin and therefore a lot of water;

– The way the weather was during the flowers and in the summer (more or less rain and Sun) and also the weather during the harvest (each rain inflates the olives and reduce the output for the next two days).