Oliv' Tour Mini Golf Cabrières Oliveraie pédagogique

Mini Golf Oliv’tour

Mini Golf Oliv’tour

The «Oliv' Tour » mini golf is a special course among other mini golfs. It was created from several hopes: the love of olive trees, of its fruits, of their oil obviously, but also and especially from the desire to transmit a local culture by merging everything together through a ludic activity, in the day of both the farmer and the miller, in the traditions of our region and its history through its ancestral professions.

The minigolf is located in the middle of an olive grove of 1 hectare in restanques composed of 11 varieties of olive trees from the Gard, Provence but also from Spain and Greece, saved from an intensive plantation. Varietal information and health advices to provide to the trees during the year are scaterred throughout the olive grove.

The 18-hole course allows to learn step by step the ancient and modern making processes to create the olive oil. That's not all, thanks to QR codes, kids and adults can find questions, information and a Roman enigma to solve in order to find the treasure of the gladiator Sergius Respectus.

As for the background, the unique metalworking of Philipe Rodriguez deserves some attention and the course has also been conceived to greet people with reduced mobility, audio files grant access to written information along the course in 3 languages: French, English and Spanish, benches invite visitors to take a break and complete the peacefulness of the location.



Mini Golf Oliv’tour

Mini Golf Oliv' tour

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